ERA 2018 Conference Keynote Program - Wayne Cotter

ERA 2018 Conference Keynote

The customized Keynote program on Monday morning will be another don’t-miss highlight! Former engineer, self-described “technology geek” and well-known TV humorist Wayne Cotter will open the 2018 program with a high-energy preview tied to the conference theme, “Tools of Our Trade — Constructing a Successful Future.” Cotter’s “man on the street” interviews from Sunday’s Welcome Reception will be included.

About Wayne Cotter

Young Wayne Cotter with his first Heath Kit

After studying electrical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and beginning his career as a design engineer with a New Jersey computer company, Cotter began moonlighting as a Philadelphia comedian. He continued this double life for some time, until he ultimately concluded that the computer industry “was going nowhere” and left town to pursue show business full time. Almost immediately, he became a frequent guest of Jay Leno and David Letterman and a fixture on the national comedy circuit. Cotter became a familiar face on television and, eventually, the host of his own shows for both the Discovery Channel and The Fox Network.


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