Fall 2017 Business Book Review - The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day

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The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day

by Kristi Hedges
Copyright: 2017
Amacom Price: $24.95
Pages: 261 with Appendix and Index
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How to be a better leader, as well as one who inspires

where you are in your life journey, this book can help you inspire others. Not all of us are inspirational by nature. Most of us are just regular people who lead regular lives. For the most part, we have done nothing dramatic enough to inspire others. We did not save lives like the pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who successfully ditched his passenger plane on the Hudson River. We did not change the world like Steve Jobs, or walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong. We have led our lives the best we can, while trying to help others along the way. If you think that you are one of the regular people, one of us, then this book is for you — a person who wants to inspire those around you to greatness.

This book is literally a systematic manual on how to inspire others — from showing people how much you care, to intentional listening, to encouraging dialogue. This book provides everything a person needs to be an inspiration to those around him or her.

The author, Kristi Hedges, makes the case that to be an inspiration is to energize the people around you to do things far beyond what they thought they could do. She focuses on honesty in conversation, authenticity in what we say and even how we say it.

Here are four steps that take people up the “inspire path,” as Hedges calls it. Inspirational leaders are:

Present – They are focused on the person in front of them. They are not distracted, visibly stressed or bound to an agenda. They are open-minded and let the conversation flow.

Personal – They are authentic and real, and listen generously. They know how to find and expand potential.

Passionate – They infuse energy, calibrate it and manage it as one of their greatest skills.

Purposeful – They are intentional and willing to have courageous discussions about purpose.

The book discusses how to apply these four steps in different situations, such as one-on-one conversations, or when giving a presentation to a room full of people.
Frankly, I think this is a book about leadership in general — good leadership, which in the end, leads to inspirational leadership.

If you are serious about your role as a leader, or even a team member who strives to get the best from your team, this book is a great way to get started.

Dan Beaulieu is the president and founder of D.B. Management, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in all aspects of sales, marketing and branding with a focus on rep-principal relationships. His latest book is The PCB 101 Handbook which can be purchased online by emailing danbbeaulieu@aol.com. Dan is also the author of “It’s Only Common Sense,” a weekly sales column appearing at pcb007.com. Dan can be reached at 207-649-0879.


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