ERA Chapter Services - Event Assistance

ERA Chapter Event Assistance

ERA is happy to assist your chapter in managing your chapter event, including EMAIL CAMPAIGNS, CALENDAR LISTINGS in the ERA website calendar as well as EVENT REGISTRATION FORMS and ONLINE PAYMENT COLLECTION.

Service Request Forms:

Add event to calendar

Event Email/Event Registration/Payment Collection


We need all the information you have!

Before linking to the request forms, browse through some of the information requirements and options you’ll want to have available:


This information is required for all assistance, including calendar listings, registration forms and email marketing.

1. Name and type of event
2. Dates and times of event
3. Event chapter contact information, including phone and email
4. Event location, including address, website and telephone
5. Registration fees – please provide ALL cost options (i.e., member/non-member)
6. Event description – please provide as much detail as possible! WHY will people attend your event? Include items like special presentations, guest speaker name/bio/topic, round table discussions, etc.



In addition to the information above, you will need to specify your email list, that is, who you want the event invitation to be emailed to:

ERA Member
ERA Non-Member


You will need to provide us with ALL types of data you wish to collect from your registrants.

Listed below are common data fields that you can select as part of your registration form: (fields can be customized based on your event)

Required Fields:

Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Company

(This will be the registration contact for all attendees listed on this company registration)

Optional standard field types:

Contact Telephone
Contact Address
Company Type (e.g., rep/mfr/dist, etc.)
Company Member Type (e.g., member/non-member/guest)
Additional attendees names (with this company)

Up to 5 attendee names per registration can be collected.

Identify what type of information should be collected from each attendee (e.g., food selection, golf handicap info, DTAM participant, etc.; optional features – sponsorships, gifts or donations?)


PayPal buttons or invoicing can be set up (if your payment options are too numerous for simple buttons) for your event.

Please provide all fees and options available to your attendees.