ERA Next Generation Special Interest Group

ERA NEXGEN Special Interest Group

For the past several years, many of our rep company members have been adding new employees to their teams; some right out of college and/or some with a few years of industry experience. The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) recognizes that these employees may have different questions, concerns or suggestions for our industry different from our more senior members. As such, ERA is excited to announce the introduction of the Next Generation (NEXGEN) Special Interest Group — a special organization which will provide a forum where next generation employees can meet and share ideas with each other, and eventually with ERA.


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NEXGEN Candidate Profile

The nominated individual must be:

• An employee of an ERA manufacturers’ representative company member. Their role could be inside or outside sales, customer service, distribution coordinator, manufacturer liaison, product specialist, marketing, CRM manager, commission reconciliation, etc.

• Interested in networking with other next generation rep members and discussing various issues in their business life, as well as work-life balance. Sharing their persistence, creativity and tolerance for the world as it is today, and help plan for the future.

• Willing to share ideas for improvement and/or changes in the rep business model.

• Available to meet (virtually) on a quarterly basis; break into focus groups with topics assigned from the core group as needed; discuss best practices, shared ideas and strategies.

• Able to meet in-person (if possible, and if approved by their local rep owner) at the annual ERA Conference in Austin, Texas or at EDS in Las Vegas, or locally at trade shows, etc. to take advantage of the opportunity to meet face to face with ERA members at industry event.

• Willing to present in-person or virtually at the annual ERA Executive Committee meeting when asked on various subjects.

• Able to set an agenda for every meeting with goals and deliverables where the results of the collaboration is shared with the ERA reps nationwide.


This emerging talent pool has shown a creative, new and dynamic approach to the manufacturers’ representative sales model. The approaches to communications, tools used, expectations, etc. are all changing, and very exciting. NEXGEN will provide a platform for sharing insights and encourage collaboration. The results will be shared with all ERA members.

It is ERA’s goal to connect your emerging talent with this nationwide group. NEXGEN will act as an onboarding resource to cross-feed ideas to help our industry grow in a vibrant and dynamic and progressive way.

ERA Executive Committee members Cameron English, CPMR, SVP Industry and Ellen Coan, CPMR, SVP Education will are overseeing this group.