ERA White Pin Intern Training Guidelines

Intern Training Guidelines – 10 Week Intern Program

Download a copy of the 10-week internship training guidelines.


WEEK 1: Technology and Product Overview

  • Company Introduction: Provide an updated overview of the tech rep firm, including recent changes and key personnel.  Introduce in-person or virtually
  • Industry Landscape: Incorporate the latest trends and advancements in the technology industry.
  • Business Model: Detail the rep business model and highlight its unique aspects.
  • Product Portfolio: Update the product lines with the latest offerings and any modifications.
  • Internship Overview: Emphasize the technical nature of the internship, its significance and potential career benefits.
  • Requirements and Expectations: Outline expectations for the intern. On-site, hours, travel, etc..
  • Resources: Provide a list of technical resources available, including training materials, mentors and support channels.
  • Success Tips: Offer practical tips for success in a sales role. Set schedule to travel with all employees or meet virtually and create assignments for each as desired with details in WEEK 4

WEEK 2: CRM and Technology Marketing

  • CRM Updates: Introduce any new features or enhancements in the CRM system, emphasizing its technical capabilities.
  • Target Markets: Reevaluate target markets based on the latest technological developments using ERA or other tools
  • Customer Research: Stress the importance of in-depth technical research and provide tools/resources like ERA
  • Rep Firm Differentiators: Emphasize unique selling points and how they differentiate the firm.
  • Value Proposition: Reinforce the firm’s value proposition

WEEK 3: Territory and Account Management

  • Territory Management: Discuss strategies for managing territories effectively.
  • Sales Roles: Provide detailed information on inside sales, field technical sales and customer service roles.
  • Customer Communication: Offer guidelines on effective communication with customers.
  • Design-in Products: Highlight key technical products and strategies related to design-in processes. Gain input from all employees on this

WEEK 4: Outside Sales Shadow

  • Pre-call Research: Emphasize thorough technical research before customer interactions.
  • Customer Calls: Clarify the types of calls interns will make (cold, warm or established) and set expectations.
  • Customer Roles to Be Called On: Provide a detailed list of roles to target, defining expectations and next steps.

WEEK 5: Rep Business Model in Detail

  • Manufacturer Interactions: Detail the firm’s interactions with manufacturers and distributors
  • Sales Cycles: Update information on sales cycles, milestones and potential challenges.
  • Resource Solutions: Offer solutions and resources for overcoming common challenges. Deep dive into principal portals.

WEEK 6-7: Midpoint Evaluation

  • Formal/Informal Evaluation: Implement a structured evaluation process to assess technical progress and feedback.
  • Expanded Shadowing: Include additional shadowing opportunities to broaden interns’ exposure.

WEEK 8: CRM Importance

  • Key Resources: Revisit key resources and their impact on the sales process.
  • CRM Importance in Sales: Reinforce the critical role of CRM in growing sales and maintaining customer relationships.
  • Business Reporting: Showcase the importance of monthly and quarterly business reporting.

WEEK 9: Focus on Intern’s Strengths

  • Strength Assessment: Identify and leverage each intern’s strengths for the benefit of the team.
  • Value Contribution in Sales: Emphasize how interns can contribute meaningfully based on their strengths.

WEEK 10: Formal Wrap-up and Future Expectations

  • Final Review: Conduct a comprehensive two-way review, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Next Steps: Clearly outline the next steps for interns, whether it involves potential employment, further training, or future sales opportunities.
  • Future Expectations: Communicate ongoing expectations and potential opportunities for future collaboration as a sales rep in the electronic industry