Rep Model Endorsements

Rep Model Endorsements

Here is what some of the electronics sales industry experts have to say …

“We have been in business since 1990 and had never considered joining ERA as the organization seemed to be falling behind the massive changes our industry has seen over the past 10 years. Last year, we joined ERA based on new leadership and increased participation from both suppliers and distributors. Today, we are happy to say that we value the ERA network, as well as early access to suppliers who need a NA channel presence. In fact, we just signed our first supplier based on an introduction through ERA!”

Phil Meiss, President, Victory Sales

“Manufacturer reps have long lasting relationships at all levels of the customers resulting in increased face time, accelerated sample evaluation and ultimately having the part approved and placed for production. Manufacturers’ Representatives live in the territory and continue to call on customers on a regular basis. All of which bring tremendous value to the partnership. While a direct model also has value, the Manufacturer Rep model works from a commission structure, fundamentally costing the supplier nothing until they sell something resulting in all the up-front expense and investments made by the rep, giving them buy in and incentive to win the business.

Questions? Here are two ERA publications that explain the “Rep Model” in detail …

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… And an informative article from the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) … Click here

We continue to see great value in our Franchise Suppliers that use the Manufacturer Rep model as their channel strategy….whether it be a full rep model or a hybrid direct/rep model. Fundamentally having more qualified sales engineers on the street that have established long-term relationships with local customers is valuable for all parties involved including the Distributor, Supplier and more importantly the customer.”

Todd S. McAtee, Vice President, Americas Business Development, Mouser Electronics

“For those of our franchised manufacturers that use reps, which is most, it is as efficient for us as it is for the end customers. In fact, the more lines we have in common with a rep firm, the better. The time efficiency goes up the more we have to talk about and work on with each rep, and vice versa. A well aligned distributor and rep network is a great way to get a lot done… the ultimate one-two punch in the battle for time and attention at the customer.”

Michael Knight, Senior Vice President, Americas, TTI SVP Americas

Manufacturers who use the rep model and hire rep firms that share multiple lines with Sager gain valuable advantages and efficiencies. The teaming that occurs between two sales people representing multiple shared suppliers, in the same account, tends to be deep and long lasting. They stay in close contact regarding next generation projects where they can work together on design and fulfillment. They alert each other to opportunities gained through the multiple technologies they represent. Because this engagement occurs across multiple suppliers, the time spent provides a greater ROI for Sager than working individually with many suppliers. Due to the frequent interaction between our teams, the manufacturer rep team becomes much more familiar with and derives maximum value from our selling tools and service set.

Frank Flynn, President, Sager Electronics