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Rocky Mountain Rep Firm Looking to Expand & Acquire – March 2024

Rocky Mountain Rep firm looking to expand and acquire. Areas interested are CA, CO and/or Texas. If you’re looking to develop an effective succession plan, contact ERA Operations Director Karin Derkacz at Your information will be sent to the advertiser.

New England Rep Firm Interested in Acquiring Local Rep – January 2024

Northeast rep firm looking to acquire Boston-based rep firm. If you’re looking to develop an effective succession plan, contact Karin Derkacz at ERA  Your information will be sent to the advertiser.

Potential Merger/Acquisition Opportunity in IL/WI – January 2024


As a business owner and manufacturers representative, you’ve committed your working life to growing your business. As a fellow representative, we understand the commitment and dedication it takes to grow a successful business. If you find yourself at a point in your career where you’re considering what could be next, or perhaps are looking at developing a plan for an exit strategy, we encourage you to give us a call to talk about the options.

Experience the Success of a Smooth Transition

Through several successful acquisitions, we have developed a sound process and solid understanding of what it takes to ensure a successful transition for rep agency owners. Each is different, of course, but the process is very similar. In fact, every acquisition seems to share a consistent feature- the seller would have started sooner if given the chance again.

By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of our experience in several acquisitions within the electronics industry. Everyone wants to exit their career on a successful, positive, upnote. Let us help eliminate the frustration and stress so you can focus on setting the plan in motion the way you would like.

Join Forces with Like-Minded Achievers

As we expand, we aim to connect with like-minded business sellers who have fostered a culture of success with a team of high achievers. We are dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial situation that empowers all parties. Our team possesses expertise and experience to guide you in making informed decisions and securing your future. Our goal is to offer business owners options, and facilitating success.

Contact us today through Karin Derkacz at ERA –