ERA COLT Online - Section 7 - Legal and Tax Issues

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Legal ERA Chapter Process

These are the steps for becoming a legal chapter:

  1. Select a name for the Chapter;
  2. Identify the “incorporating members,” typically three or more individuals;
  3. File Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State as a non-for-profit Corporation;
  4. Draft new by-laws for the new non-for-profit chapter;
  5. Call a meeting of the incorporating members and other potential members of the chapter;
  6. Elect new directors and new officers (directors are elected by the members, the officers are elected by the directors);
  7. Identify committees such as membership committee, local activities committee, chapter programing committee, other committees as necessary.

The officers should include a president, a vice president, secretary and treasurer. Some of the offices can be combined such as secretary and treasurer.

The members should discuss a due structure for both local and national membership.

The chapter should have a bank account but that can only be established after the Chapter is formed through the Secretary of State and after a taxpayer ID number is obtained from the IRS.

For questions and comments, refer to ERA’s legal consultant:
Gerald M. Newman
Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg,LLC
222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2100
Chicago, Illinois 60606
(312) 648-2300 Ext 309
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