ERA Conference 2019 Keynote

2019 ERA Conference Keynote


Curt Steinhorst

Can I Have Your Attention? Reach the Distracted Customer

For the first time in history, we live in a world without any barriers to connection or communication. This has fundamentally altered the way people work, engage, communicate and relate to one another. The same technology that simplifies processes compromises our focus and makes it ever more difficult to reach increasingly distracted customers. Their attention drives their decision-making, and that attention is ever more divided. To effectively reach customers, we must radically alter our strategies.

In this intensely practical and informative speech, 2019 ERA Conference Keynote Speaker, Curt Steinhorst, distraction expert and bestselling author of the book “Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace,” discusses the great challenges we face in a constantly-connected world. Steinhorst pulls back the curtain to reveal: How did we get here? What counterintuitive communication methods can we use to surprise and delight customers who have had everything thrown at them? What shifts in behavior and expectations must we conform to before we have any chance of reaching them? How can we leverage our customers’ distracted state to communicate more effectively with them?

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About Curt Steinhorst

Curt Steinhorst is the bestselling author of “Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace.” He is on a mission to rescue us from our distracted selves. After years studying the impact of technology on human behavior, Steinhorst founded Focuswise, a consultancy that equips organizations to overcome the distinct challenges of the constantly-connected workplace.

Diagnosed with ADD as a child, Steinhorst knows intimately the challenges companies face to keep the attention of today’s distracted workforce and customer. He has coached executives, TV personalities, and well-known professional athletes on how to effectively communicate and create focus when they speak to audiences, lead their employees, and engage their customers.

Steinhorst’s unique insight and entertaining speaking style has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. He speaks more than 90 times a year to organizations that include everyone from global leadership associations and nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies.