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2021 ERA Virtual Conference Attendee Quick Start Guide

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How to Log In:

Registered attendees will receive an email invite to join the 2021 ERA Virtual Conference. The email sender is This email includes an authorization link to claim your account that when clicked will log you into the conference platform. Note that the email invitation will be sent to the email address that was submitted with your online attendee registration. Monitor your spam folder.

Initial log in as an attendee will require that you:

• Claim your account
• Accept the terms of service
• Establish a password (needs to be at least 6 digits long)
• Complete your profile page where you can add your headshot and other relevant info about yourself.

Note: Once you have claimed your account, you are unable to share your log in with another person. Your log in is tied to the device you select to use to attend the conference. You will be unable to log in using multiple devices.

How to Create Your Profile:

Set up your profile to help identify yourself to other conference participants. You can create your profile when you login (recommended), or from the main navigation bar, select Account > Edit My Profile. Upload a photo so you can be easily identified in sessions. Add as much or as little information you wish in profile details. But the more you share, the more connections you can make!

Headshot tips: A .jpg or .png image file works best. A square image of a minimum 300X300 px size is recommended. When uploading your picture, select “circle” (NOT crop) and position your picture accordingly. Select the “save” button and select “upload.” The picture will not save without the “upload” step.

What do You Need to Participate in the Virtual Sessions?

You do not need any additional software. You only need a computer and a stable internet connection to join the virtual sessions.

The virtual platform uses Zoom technology. For best results, prior to the event, if you have not done so already, we recommend installing the “Zoom Client for Meetings” from to the device you will be using for the conference.

Some suggested best practices:

Browser: Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for the best experience. You might experience limitations if you use Safari, Firefox or other browsers.
Internet: Ensure you have a strong internet connection to avoid buffering or slowdowns.
Clear your browser cache: If you experience technical difficulties, try clearing your browser cache.
Close unused browser tabs or windows
Use headphones for the best audio quality experience.

Test run recommended with Zoom, webcam, and microphone: You’ll want to have a test run in advance to make sure there are no issues with connecting to the conference platform, Zoom, or issues with your webcam (to be seen in a video chat or meeting) or microphone (to speak in a video chat or meeting).

How to Navigate the Conference Site

As an attendee, you will have the opportunity to attend sessions, interact with attendees and speak with sponsors. To get around the platform, use the main navigation bar located along the top of the page.

Attending Conference Sessions

Please note that all educational sessions are being presented LIVE. All sessions are webinar-style, which means that only the speaker(s) will be seen and heard; attendees will not have the option to turn on their cameras or microphones.

How to use the session page:

Path: Main navigation bar > Schedule > Agenda

• Click on a session card to be taken to that particular session’s page.
• A countdown timer on the page shows how many days/hours/minutes until the start of the session.
• When the session goes live for viewing, a “Join” button will appear on the session page. You must click on this to be taken into the session.

Once you are in a session page, you will see a box located to the right of the video display. This box serves several functions:

• Chat tab: Use this for Q&A or to chat with your fellow attendees.
• People tab: Will show you who is attending the session.
• Files Tab: Click here to download the session PowerPoint slides and any other relevant files. Please note that some files will only be made available after a session has concluded.

Using the Conference Agenda

How to view the full conference agenda:

Path: Main navigation bar > Schedule > Agenda

• Search for sessions by speaker name, description, or keywords.
• Session details: Click on a session to view the description, how to participate, who will be attending, and to download the handouts and materials under the “Files” tab.
• Calendar view: Click on the Calendar View button to change to a full calendar view of all days.
• Export: Click to export the full schedule, or your schedule, to your personal calendar.
• Print: Click to print the full schedule.

How to create your customized conference agenda:

Path: Main navigation bar > Schedule > Agenda

• Adding sessions to your personal schedule: Under “Agenda,” click on the plus sign located in the upper right-hand corner of each session card.
• Removing sessions from your personal schedule: Under “My Schedule,” click on the green check mark located in the upper right-hand corner of each session.
• Export: Click to export the full schedule, or your schedule, to your personal Outlook calendar.
• Print: Click to print your schedule.

Attendee Networking

Interact with other attendees in the educational sessions, conversational chats, or one-on-one meet ups all available in the Conversations and Attendee tabs. From within the People tab you can browse through the attendee list, request meetings and send messages.

How to send a message to an attendee:

Path: Main navigation bar > People > Attendees

• Click on the profile card of the person you would like to meet.
• On the attendee’s profile page, locate the “Send Message” button in the upper right-hand corner.
• Click on the button and a pop-up window will appear with a field where you can type your message.
• Once you are ready, click the “Send” button. The message will be sent to the attendee’s personal Inbox on the platform located under the Conversations tab.

How to schedule 1:1 or group meetings with attendees:

Path: Main navigation bar > People > Attendees

• Click on the profile card of the person you would like to meet.
• Click the Schedule Meeting button.
• If you would like to add additional people to the meeting, click “New Member”
• Select “Continue” to choose a date/time.
• Attendees’ availability will be shown in a calendar format to easily navigate conflicts.
• Select date and time on the left hand side of the screen.
• Enter the name and a short description for the meeting.
• Click the “Send Invitation” button.
• Your recipients will receive an email notification for the meeting with the option to accept or decline your request. You will receive an email notification when they have responded.
• The event will be created in “My Agenda. To attend the meeting, find it in your personal agenda and click on “join meeting.”

Join a public discussion or start a conversation

Path: Main navigation bar > Conversations > Public Forum

• Join a conversation, or start a discussion around a specific topic with your fellow attendees on this page.
• To join a discussion: click on the topic and click the “reply” button to comment.
• To start a new conversation click the “new conversation” option.

Social Wall

Path: Main navigation bar > Social Wall

• You are encouraged to share your conference experience via social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) on this dedicated page.
• Posts that you make will appear on the Social Wall for all attendees to view.
• Use hashtags: #ERAConference, #ERAVirtual21, #ERAorg

Other Conference Features

Visit with Exhibitors or ERA Recognized Resource Partners

Path: Organizations > Exhibitors, or Organizations > Recognized Resources

At any time, you are able to click on any of the exhibitors and browse through the information about our sponsors. During official virtual tradeshow times, you will have the opportunity to enter a live video meeting and speak face to face with company representatives. Simply click on the “Enter Video Meeting” button. This will prompt the opening of a Zoom room.

• Peruse the virtual booths and connect with booth staff in one-on-one private video discussions during the scheduled Live Virtual Tradeshow Exploration times.
• Also visit with ERA Staff in the ERA Resource Center booth. Exhibiting companies are listed in alphabetical order.


Path: Main navigation bar > Game

• The gamification feature is a fun way to engage with the conference platform, and compete against your fellow attendees.
• As you complete certain tasks, you will automatically be awarded points. You will see your points displayed on the Game page’s leaderboard.
• The game will reset each day.


Path: Main navigation bar > FAQ

• This page is a very thorough reference point for information that will address additional questions you might have.

Need Day of Support?

Path: Main navigation bar > Account > Get Support

If you find you need support during the conference, access this tab and type your question into the available field at the top of the box. This will be answered as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact

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