ERA Conference - Attendees

See who is attending the 2022 ERA Conference. We look forward to reconnecting in-person in February!

Attendees are listed by company type, then alphabetically by company and attendee name.


Aurora Group – Aparna Sproelich
Brainard-Nielsen Marketing – Heather D’Amico
Brainard-Nielsen Marketing – Zach DeVillers
Brainard-Nielsen Marketing – Paul Nielsen, CPMR
Brainard-Nielsen Marketing – Kara Prentoski
Bridge Marketing – Michael Onken, CPMR
C C Electro Sales – Corey Bechtel
C C Electro Sales – Ellen Coan, CPMR
C C Electro Sales – Matt Cohen, CPMR
C C Electro Sales – David Gassman
Catalyst Unity Solutions – Tom Griffin, CPMR
D-M Associates, LLC – Blair Clark
D-M Associates, LLC – Steve Sanford
Empire Technical Associates – Eric Rossi
EMT Engineering Sales – Matt Tofanelli
EMT Engineering Sales – Shawn Amarasekera
EMT Engineering Sales – Adam Seaman
EMT Engineering Sales – Scott Kelly
English Technical Sales Southwest – Cameron English
G Squared Technologies – Brent Corsetto
JEBCO – Don Higley
JF Kilfoil Company – Christine Bell
JF Kilfoil Company – Timothy Kilfoil
Kruvand Associates – George Benson
Kruvand Associates – Tobi Cornell, CPMR
Kruvand Associates – Rob Curtiss
Kruvand Associates– Robert Logan, CPMR
Logix Sales & Marketing – Scott Kennedy
Logix Sales & Marketing – Jeff May
Luscombe Engineering Co. of San Francisco – Lori Bruno
Luscombe Engineering Co. of San Francisco – John Latimer
MacInnis Group – John Hutson, CPMR
Mel Foster Company – Mike Swenson
R. C. Merchant & Co., Inc. – Brook Merchant
R. C. Merchant & Co., Inc. – Mallerie Merchant
Norris & Associates, Inc. – Adam Anderson
Norris & Associates, Inc. – Dave Norris
Northport Engineering, Inc. – Cary Klingner
Pinnacle Marketing, Inc. – Heather Heath
Pinnacle Marketing, Inc. – Cody Tangeman
Pinnacle Marketing, Inc. – Perry Thornton
Ross Marketing Associates – Larry Flores
Straube Associates, Inc. – Terri Straube
TAARCOM – Ian Trevelyan
Thorson Rocky Mountain– Greg Miner
Westmark Electronics Inc. – Dave Wilkes


Allied Electronics & Automation – Ken Bradley
Allied Electronics & Automation – Frank Cantwell
Allied Electronics & Automation – Mike Walker
Hughes Peters – Jake Metzger
RS Components – Chris Beeson


DNA Group, Inc. – Michael Zemann
Crouzet North America – Tim Collins
Crouzet North America – Robert Derringer
Crouzet North America – Seamus Dolan
Crouzet North America – Stacie Kolodzinski
E-T-A Circuit Breakers – Ellen Albright
E-T-A Circuit Breakers – Bill Stewart
E-T-A Circuit Breakers – John Guetens
Laird Performance Materials – Andy Acker
Laird Performance Materials – John Sintic
Microboard Processing Inc. – Bryan Brady
Quell Corporation – Scott Lindberg
RECOM Power, Inc. – Christoph Wolf
Schaffner EMC, Inc. – Ken Bellero
SMC Diode Solutions – Mark LaPointe
Triad Magnetics – William Dull
Triad Magnetics – Debbie Goodbeau
Triad Magnetics – Ongela Starks
Triad Magnetics – Alex Takian


Empowering Systems, Inc. – Carroll Boysen
Cesare Giammaro Sales Management – Cesare Giammarco
Lectrix Group – Graham Kilshaw

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