ERA Conference - Keynote & General Sessions

2022 ERA Conference Keynote & General Sessions


Monday, Feb. 28, 2022
Seth Mattison,
Founder and CEO, FutureSight Labs

The Emerging Future: Building Future-Ready Organizations and High Performing Cultures to Compete and Win in The Decade Ahead

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, leaders prepare to face an unrelenting and continuously shifting landscape of change and transformation. Of course, change has always been a reality for the modern-day leader but today it knows no boundaries, no borders, and no breaks. The impact of this can be felt as individuals fatigue under the weight of extreme ambiguity.

From ever-evolving go-to-market strategies and expanding customer expectations to an emerging list of new future-ready competencies and new ways of working, today’s leaders are seeking certainty about the future and the confidence to trust themselves to rise to the occasion and meet the moment with influence and impact.

Rooted in the research and bolstered by time advising high performers in the field, Seth Mattison will help prepare leadership teams to meet the decade ahead with confidence, clarity, and conviction.


Monday, Feb. 28, 2022
Bernard Baumohl,
Chief Global Economist at the Economic Outlook Group

The Great Transition

The pandemic has permanently changed the global economic landscape. That means we now have to think differently about how to run our businesses. This economic outlook-focused session will answer such questions as:

• What are the key changes in the US and international economy? And how will they impact the electronic components industry?

• What is the outlook for consumer and business spending, inflation, inflation, jobs, housing and energy prices?

• How will policies by the White House and Congress impact economic activity, critical supply chains and trade policies?

• With the geopolitical pot now boiling, where will the next shock come from? Which economic and geopolitical risks pose the greatest chance of erupting next?

• How do you insulate your business from such disruptive events?


Monday, Feb. 28, 2022
Jason Dorsey,
President, The Center for Generational Kinetics

Crossing the Generational Divide: Unexpected Discoveries and New Actions to Inspire and Bridge Generations

Generational change is challenging organizations more than ever before. You see this from recruiting and retaining employees to driving trust, engagement, and communication. Making the challenge even more urgent is the great resignation, dramatically different work expectations, and a tremendous amount of misinformation about generations. It’s clear why leaders need to know what works now to inspire and bridge generations fast.

In this entertaining, inspiring presentation, acclaimed researcher Jason Dorsey separates myth from truth about each generation. You’ll learn the unexpected impact of hidden trends, a new way to think about technology, and specific actions to transform the generational divide into a breakthrough opportunity for growth.

Jason is uniquely able to deliver this powerful program filled with surprising discoveries after leading more than 70 research studies around the world. He is the world’s leading expert on research-based insights into generations.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Crystal Kadakia,
Management Consultant, Kadakia Consulting

The New Normal: A Digital Workplace Culture

Is your organization like many, stuck in the middle between an industrial age and digital age way of working? So much change continues to rock our world. Do you have the capacity to adapt and lead a new normal for yourself, your customers, and your team? We are all guilty of the habits young talent are often accused of: low attention span, constant multitasking and distraction, overwhelmed by information overload, and more. Yet, in reality, digital is already an integral piece of everything and everyone: how we behave, how our neurology is rewiring, how we interact with others, how the work between resources gets done, and how we go about every day.

In this talk, you will move beyond the status quo to embracing what’s possible for you in the digital age, while honoring what’s valuable from your past success. From 10+ years of future of work research, Crystal will share a new perspective shift that will allow you to empower your performance in today’s digital context, rather than engage from a stressed, overwhelmed, digitally-defused state.

This session’s key takeaways will include:

• Spark your awareness of how living in a digital world is enabling and disabling productivity and happiness.
• Explore the five biggest challenges that occur on a daily basis and how they manifest.
• Learn how to empower yourself & your team to use digital technology, rather than be held hostage by it.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Michael Knight,
President of the Exponential Technology Group and SVP of Corporate Business Development at TTI Inc.

A Linear Approach to an Exponential Curve is an Accident Waiting to Happen

The shift has hit the supply chain! For the past two years, the electronics industry has seen both challenges and growth unlike anything ever before experienced in our history. There are many factors at play, both helpful and hurtful, but the dominate force has been, and will be, the very exponential nature of technology. This is the game-changer that tears up supply chain play books and gives rise to an accelerating range of new applications, opportunities, and even industries for electronics.

The legacy, linear approaches to our thinking, planning and strategy-setting for our businesses are working against us. This presentation will take a close look at what has become the posterchild for electronics industry supply chain failure… the automotive industry. It will use that look to cut through the confusion, incomprehension, and dysfunction behind the chaos that is the electronics supply chain of today. And it will demonstrate that the twin, electric engines of Moore’s Law and Wright’s Law are driving innovation and the industry at a speed that has created a sonic boom with lasting reverberations.

This session will cover:

I. State of the component supply chain and the ramifications for automotive, especially the future of automotive as it pertains to EV and related infrastructure.
II. Federal government response to electronic industry supply chain issues.
III. The silver lining in points I. and II. for the electronic component supply.