Golf Course Recommendations

Golf Course Recommendations

There will be no formal golf event arrangements scheduled the Sunday prior to the start of the 2024 ERA conference. Of course, attendees are more than welcome to coordinate a golf outing on their own.

The AT&T Hotel & Conference Center’s concierge recommends the following courses located in the Austin area:

Grey Rock Golf Club
A 20-minute drive from the hotel, located within Southwest Austin.

Avery Ranch Golf Club
A 30-minute drive from the hotel, located within North Austin.

Roy Kizer Course
A 20-minute drive from the hotel, located within Southeast Austin.

Please note, each course is a definitive driving distance from the hotel. Many golfers enjoy these courses, however, Grey Rock and Avery Ranch are the more scenic options. Each location offers club rentals for a fee.

Need assistance booking a course, making transportation arrangements, or have further questions? Contact Michael Sandoval, Concierge at the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center at 512-404-3665 or email at