ERA 2020 Conference Committee Announces Keynote Speaker


Oct. 3, 2019
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ERA 2020 Conference Committee Announces Keynote Speaker

The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) 2020 Conference Committee announces that Connie Podesta, Hall of Fame speaker, award-winning author, former radio/TV personality, therapist, expert on the psychology of sales, leadership, change, accountability and engagement, and comedienne, will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming conference, scheduled Feb. 23-25, 2020, at the AT&T Center in Austin, Texas. Connie will open ERA’s 2020 Conference program on Monday morning, Feb. 24, with a presentation titled, “Stand Out from the Crowd … Out-Think, Out-Lead and Out-Sell the Competition.”

Connie is a game-changing, revenue-building, sales-generating ball of fire whose rare blend of laugh-out-loud comedy, killer take-away strategies and interactive, no-power-point delivery style have made her one of the most unique and memorable speakers on stage today. As a human relations expert, Connie, who is both refreshingly candid and wonderfully entertaining, will bring out your edgy, creative, competitive side as she takes you inside the minds of today’s savvy, but super-demanding global market and delivers some powerhouse strategies that will help you increase sales, profits, good will and your customer base. Competition – watch out! Business as usual? No way! Status quo? Move over? Change? Keep it coming!

Conference Keynote Sub-Committee co-chairs Joe Braun, CPMR, Vice President at EK Micro and Michael Knight, SVP Business Development, President, TTI Semiconductor Group, commented on the sub-committee’s decision to invite Connie as ERA’s 2020 Conference keynote speaker.

“Connie’s expertise in the psychology of human behavior as it relates to sales, leadership, relationships and getting-out-of-your-own-way-to-get-things-done fits this year’s ERA conference theme like white-on-rice … and it cuts right down to the core of what it means to be a sales rep in this industry,” Knight said. “The way she read the keynote committee and positioned herself during the interview process was amazing. I quickly moved from wondering whether or not she would be a fit, to wondering how far we would need to go to get her to agree to keynote the conference, to wondering what it would take to get her to give up her speaking and book writing career in order to join the leadership team of my company. This is going to be a treat!”

Braun added, “Connie’s high energy enthusiasm, sense of humor and in-your-face introspective honesty about adopting new sales and business strategies will be like kicking the conference off with a few days’ supply of triple-shot espressos. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Connie’s presence and gaining some invaluable insights.”

ERA 2020 Conference Committee Chair Mike Swenson, CMPR, President, Mel Foster Company, said, “The Keynote Sub-Committee did an outstanding job selecting a keynote speaker who will offer not only an unforgettable conference opening but also invaluable take-away strategies. I am confident that Connie will deliver a powerful high-energy presentation and make sure that we all walk away with a fresh perspective on how to be more accountable, exceed expectations and discover unique ways to sell more at the ‘street level.’”

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