ERA Announces the Re-Introduction of the ERA White Pin Intern Program

March 18, 2022
Contact: Clare Kluck / Communications Director /

ERA Announces the Re-Introduction of the ERA White Pin Intern Program

The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) is pleased to announce the re-introduction of the ERA White Pin Intern Program. This program had been announced in February 2020 and then put on hold due to the challenges of the past two years.

The ERA White Pin Group has recognized the need of the rep community to help attract, hire and retain college graduates into the rep model to keep the electronics industry fresh and relevant.

This intern program is designed to offer rising college juniors or seniors an opportunity to work for a manufacturers’ representative firm over the summer months to gain a better understanding and hands-on experience of the electronic components industry.

Kingsland Coombs, senior vice president at large for the ERA Executive Committee and president of Control Sales, Inc., said: “The White Pin Group is thrilled to announce this great program for both our industry and for ERA rep members. We have been working hard to expose our best and brightest students to the electronics industry and give them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. The White Pin Intern Program will hopefully help ERA rep members to continue to attract the next generation of leaders.”

Ellen Coan, senior vice president of education for the ERA Executive Committee and vice president of operations for CC Electro Group, added, “ERA’s White Pin leadership in driving this program to fulfillment has been most impressive. I am delighted to incorporate this important initiative under the ERA Education umbrella to show the support of the White Pin organization by ERA, as it will help both ERA members and our industry continue to grow and thrive.”

For more information about the White Pin Intern Program including training guidelines and resources, and to apply, visit White Pin Internship.

About ERA White Pin Group
The ERA White Pin Group is made up of past and present volunteer leaders who have served ERA at the national level. The main focus for this group is the support of expanded volunteerism and continuing education for ERA members.

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