ERA Quick Connections - March 2022, Volume 2

March 2022, Volume 2

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Budde Marketing, which provides monthly POS Index reports to ERA members, issued its latest summary, running from January 2020 through January 2022. View the new index. According to the latest report, January 2022 was a solid month in terms of POS activity, with POS being slightly ahead of record December 2021 numbers. Budde Marketing is now using a new index with 125 manufacturers including in its monthly metrics. For details on Budde Marketing’s services, visit


> Intel announced it will invest as much as 80 billion euros in the European Union over the next decade in all facets of semiconductor production. Intel plans to invest an initial 17 billion euros into a semiconductor fab mega-site in Germany, to create a new R&D and design hub in France, and to invest in R&D, manufacturing and foundry services in Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain. Read more.

> The semiconductor supply chain may face yet another hiccup: the invasion of Ukraine is forcing a neon shortage, neon being a key ingredient in the lasers used in chip manufacturing. Read more.

> In addition to a tight labor market and other supply chain disruptions, there is a shortage of shipping containers. This article explores the reasons why and when the shortage may subside.


> ERA is re-introducing its White Pin Internship program for Summer 2022. This is a great opportunity for rep companies to attract, hire and retain rising college juniors and seniors and potentially move onto the hiring process after their graduation, with ERA subsidizing and supporting these internships along the way. Read more information or download an intern application or rep company application.

> Register for the 2022 EDS Leadership Summit today! The EDS Summit, co-hosted by ERA and ECIA, is the one event that puts you in front of the right people and connects you with the hottest products and trends in the electronics industry. Whether it’s as an exhibitor, in the conference center, or during on-on-one suite meetings, EDS puts you at the forefront of global electronics. Join us May 10–13 at The Mirage, Las Vegas. Visit for more information.

> Join the next ERA Water Cooler discussion Tues., March 29 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. EDT to preview the 2022 EDS Summit and find out how to make the most out of your EDS experience. Guest panelists will be Ken Bellero, president, Schaffner EMC; John O’Brien, CPMR, vice president, Coakley, Boyd & Abbett; and Chuck Tanzola, vice president of business development, Fusion Sourcing Group, Inc. Access log-in details here.


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