Every salesperson needs these seven tools for success today

Fall 2015 Tech Tools and Tips

Every salesperson needs these seven tools for success today

by Terry Brock

Terry Brock is a marketing coach who helps business owners market more effectively leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their busy days by using the right rules and tools. You can reach Terry at 407-363-0505, by email at terry@terrybrock.com or through his website at terrybrock.com. Also, look for Terry on Twitter@TerryBrock.


Throughout history people have used tools to get the job done. Better tools give a competitive advantage. Innovative tools leapfrog you ahead of the competition.

Today, technology and the tools that come with it provide such an enormous leap that we wouldn’t think of competing in business without them. Here are seven tools for success that can give today’s salesperson the advantage in a hotly-competitive market.

1) A useful (and regularly-used!) CRM

The contact relationship management tool you use will greatly affect how you connect and ultimately succeed. You want the tool that gives you immediate access to important contact information, but even more, gives you access to important facts. You’re scheduled to meet with Mary at 1 p.m. You talked with her last year, but her company wasn’t ready to move forward. Now they are, and she called to set up the meeting. By the way, what are her three kids’ names? You know she told you about them last year. You need a CRM that allows you to first enter that information quickly and the ability to recall it quickly. Salesforce.com is a popular CRM as is SugarCRM. I’m using Nimble.com and love it!

2) A video creation tool and knowledge of how to use it

We live in a world of video. YouTube is a necessity for searching and learning. You should have the ability to create quick videos for communication with prospects and customers. It makes the connection more human, more real, and it helps in the buying process. Usually a quick video shot on your smartphone that is uploaded to YouTube (get the app) can be saved as an unlisted video so only your customer sees it. I use a tool called Eyejot which lets me send a video email. Find a tool that is easy to use and helps you stand out.

3) Evernote

Yes, we’ve heard about this brilliant tool a lot. If you don’t have it, what are you waiting for? Get it. Use it. Store all kinds of paper there but don’t forget you can also make quick audio notes. Take audio notes after a meeting so you’ll remember Mary’s kids’ names better next time (see #1).

4) Fast access to the Net

Have the ability to get to the Net fast when you’re on the road. That means having LTE speed on the road. I use not one, but two carriers in the U.S. so if I’m in an area where one is weak, I can try the other. Yes, Wi-Fi is preferred, but it is not always available. Prepare in advance by assuming one system will be down. Prepare in advance for the most likely adverse scenarios.

5) Backup batteries for your smartphone and tablet

This has become an essential tool for salespeople on the go. Yes, your battery can and will go dead at the most inconvenient time. Carry extras (yes, plural). Added bonus: One of the coolest things you can do for people sitting next to you at a conference is hand them a battery charger if you see their phone has died. You’ll have a friend for life!

6) Client-connection tools

Think through what tools you need uniquely in your work to connect with clients. Some of these could include an extra phone, keyboards for typing or whatever it takes to connect in whatever condition exists. Do the hard work. Think it thorough in advance, and be prepared.

7) Learning fast

One of the most important skills you can acquire in a fast-changing world is the ability to learn how to learn fast. This means reading fast. It also means memorizing well.

Another critical skill is learning how to read people fast. Find out what they like and don’t like. Match their style, and you’ll be seen as a resource.

These are some tools for success which can help you to gain an advantage. What tools have helped you and are your “must have” tools today? Please share this article with your friends and share with me on Facebook and Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you!

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