How to increase sales using the power of portable technology

Spring 2015 Tech Tools and Tips

How to increase sales using the power of portable technology

by Terry Brock

Terry Brock is a marketing coach who helps business owners market more effectively leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their busy days by using the right rules and tools. You can reach Terry at 407-363-0505, by email at or through his website at Also, look for Terry on Twitter@TerryBrock.


Successful salespeople regularly use technologies like smartphones, tablets, “phablets” (Google it!) and/or laptop computers to prospect, connect with and assist others. But, what can you do with those portable tools to generate more sales and productivity?

There’s no doubt that portable technologies have changed the way salespeople operate. Here are five ways successful salespeople are using portable tools today to generate more sales and be more productive:

1. Send useful links and relevant information to prospects and customers.

In the old days, salespeople would see an article they thought their prospects or clients would enjoy, tear it out of the paper and mail it. (Remember those days?). Today you can do much more. Always think in terms of how you can help your customers solve issues they are going through. Make it your regular practice to forward links of highly useful articles and videos to key customers.

2. Get the job done from anywhere and at anytime.

This is the flexible power of portability. Make sure you can operate from just about anywhere. It makes your life easier as you can be flexible. It also helps your customers see you as a vital resource to accomplish their goals.

3. Respond faster with the RIGHT information.

Money loves speed. When you have the tools you need, where you are right now, you are able to respond to customer requests faster. This makes you more valuable to customers and helps them see you as the “must have” resource. Portable technologies can help you today to become the resource your customers will crave to have.

4. Use portable technologies to make more sales.

By having the tools available to make the sale, I am able to reach clients, answer their issues and provide answers they need when they need it. Sometimes that is from a coffee shop or from a parked car in a rest area. The answer is to be ready to assist and help customers from a variety of locations to get the job done. You can send the right reference or order form to help clients get happily involved with you faster and easier.

5. Don’t expect one device to do it all.

Abraham Maslow once said, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you look at every problem as if it were a nail.” Use different tools to solve different tasks. You need to have the right tool available to solve the current problem. I’ve found that my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro all have distinctly different pros and cons.

By having the right tool available (thank you to the inventor of that carry-on roller cart!) when I need it, I can accomplish what needs to be done, whether at my home office or on the road. I’ve found it is worth the price of carrying a little extra to have what I need when I need to serve a client.

BONUS: Be the eyes and ears of your customers (and principals). When you’re traveling and see something that would be useful to them, take pictures and videos to send them. This helps as you become the person “on the lookout” for every customer or principal. It helps you generate more good will.

Portable technologies give successful salespeople the ability to get a lot more done — from anywhere they happen to be. Used properly, portable technologies can help you be more productive and generate more sales. That helps you to earn that title of successful salesperson!