Debunking five common myths about social media

Winter 2016 Tech Tools and Tips

Debunking five common myths about social media

by Terry Brock

Terry Brock is a marketing coach who helps business owners market more effectively leveraging technology. He shows busy professionals how to squeeze more out of their busy days by using the right rules and tools. You can reach Terry at 407-363-0505, by email at or through his website at Also, look for Terry on Twitter@TerryBrock.

Social media is about connecting with people in a meaningful way, providing value to them, not just a sales pitch.

Nowadays, social media is being accepted by even some of the previously most ardent detractors. Many people are recognizing that social media is not a fad. It is fab-ulous.

However, you’ve got to use it properly to achieve success. To do that, let’s kill some of the social media myths that are still floating around which can hold you back and hurt your business. These myths can be very dangerous to your business and need to be debunked. Let’s look at these myths and replace them with business-building action steps that can help you.

1) It is easy. No, social media is not easy, but it is simple once you have a plan in place. More and more I see that true success with social media requires a plan of action that is customized to your needs. It is not just about sending out a bunch of blasts. It is about choosing and investing in what is going to be most beneficial to your business. This focuses on that group of carefully selected friends/followers/connections, or whatever your platform calls these wonderful people who have chosen to be around you in the digital world.

2) It is free. Social media can be done for the cost of only an Internet connection and a device of your choice. This is true; however, there is a big hidden cost — time. Your time is valuable, and you can’t afford to waste it.

3) It is about Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn (or whatever shiny bright object is hot at the moment). No, social media is about building relationships and your reputation online. This takes work and diligence. Whatever tools you use, social media is about connecting with real people in a genuinely helpful way.

4) It is about blasting your message. No, social media is about connecting with others and being a resource, not a broadcaster. You can usually tell who are the “newbies” on social media, who just don’t get it. In contrast to the newbies, there are usually the “oldbies” (I like to make up my own words from time to time.) who have practiced blasting a message out through email, television, radio, newspaper, etc. They think social media is just another way to push their message. No, social media is not about push. It is also not about pull. It is about pleasant persuasion. That is how you win fans today who then ultimately convert into paying customers.

5) It is about me. No, no, no! Social media is about them — your customers, your clients, your prospects — all those wonderful people who have the ability to spend money for the products and services you provide. Those who get it will prosper. Those who don’t get it will remain frustrated. Get the answers you need and smash those time-sapping and sales-destroying myths.

Social media is about connecting with people in a meaningful way, providing value to them, not just a sales pitch. Don’t let the myths about social media hold you back. Understand them. Get rid of them. Build your business with what works.