Representor Fall 2020 - Rising Stars

Mentorship and guidance are key for charting a successful career path

Adam Grigor
President Tech-Trek Ltd.

To gain a better insight into how young professionals in the electronics industry have turned challenges into opportunities and ensured continued success, The Representor interviewed Adam Grigor, President of Tech-Trek Ltd.

Grigor shared why relying on industry mentors and developing personal relationships with principals, customers and distributors are critical for charting a successful career path. Here is what he had to say.

Please provide a little background about yourself (personally and professionally).

I was born and raised just outside Toronto, ON, Canada. My dad, Brian Grigor, is one of the founders of Tech-Trek Ltd. in 1982 alongside his partner Bill Ford. I went to Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON, graduating with an Honors Degree in Political Science and Business. Throughout my summers, in both high school and university, I worked at Tech-Trek Ltd., cleaning the warehouse, organizing literature, filling in for vacations, whatever was needed of me. The experience gave me a good initial peek at the business.

I have been married to my wife Kimberley for 18 years. We have three children together, 15-year-old son, Avery, 12-year-old daughter, Sierra, and 10-year-old daughter, Maya. All are active in sports (hockey of course!), along with soccer and volleyball.

How long have you worked in the electronics industry?

I’ve been in the electronics industry for 18 years. It is the only industry that I’ve known! I’ve been with Tech-Trek Ltd. the entire time.

I started my career in distribution sales support in Ottawa, ON.

I progressed to an account manager before moving back to the Toronto area after our son was born.

In Toronto, I held an account manager role before progressing to Toronto sales manager, followed by a general manager – Eastern Canada, to my current role as president of Tech-Trek Ltd. in 2017.

What made you choose this industry as your current career path?

My dad being involved in the business was certainly the starting point. At the time, I didn’t expect to spend my whole career in the industry but found it to be challenging, interesting and rewarding.

As a young professional, what are some of the main challenges you encountered as you embarked on your career journey?

Working for a manufacturers’ rep, in a field office, at 22 years old was overwhelming at first. Training was limited and I had to learn on the fly — sink or swim. It is something that we are working to improve for our younger professionals today.

What are some steps that you have taken to overcome these challenges and to ensure that you can establish and nurture a successful career?

I knew that it was critical to rely on mentors to help provide guidance and support. Both my dad and Bill provided that early on and this mentorship continues today.

Developing personal relationships with principals, customers and distributors was also very important. Engaging a wide variety of people and listening to their experiences helped me to chart my own path.

As my career developed, I started to get involved more with ERA. This has allowed me further dialogue with experts in our industry, continuing to improve myself.

As president of Tech-Trek Ltd., I have sent two of our young professionals to the Spark Program at EDS. Both came back with a positive experience and enthused about a future career in the electronic industry.

Do you think that there is enough new talent entering the electronics industry and what could make this field more attractive to future young professionals?

We need more young people for sure. As reps, we need to improve our internal training process and expose our young people to the greater industry early on. We need to provide our young people with mentorship and guidance, and we need to promote and help them to engage with other young professionals in the industry.

The electronics industry offers the opportunity for an exciting and fulfilling career. The advancements in technology through the 2020 decade will be extraordinary!

Professionally, what keeps you up at night?

Where will our industry be in the next 3, 5, 10 years? What can Tech-Trek Ltd. do to adapt to the challenges that will face us? How can we stay ahead of the curve? We are constantly striving to enhance our value to our principal, customer and distributor partners; what do we need to do to accomplish this?