Representor Fall 2020 - Welcome, New Members!

Welcome, New Members!

These companies joined ERA since August 2020.

Interested in becoming an ERA member? Contact ERA Membership Director Stephanie Tierney at to learn more about the different ERA programs, resources and benefits, or visit


(The ERA chapter of each rep firm is listed in parentheses after the company name.)

Apogee Solutions Group Inc.
(New England)
Dan Murphy

CTec Connector Tecnology LLC
(Spirit of St. Louis)
Brian Main

Jay Stone & Associates Inc.
(Northern California)
Jim Zazkowski


C&K Components
Gary Mountford

DIGI International
Dustin Steinhoff

Bill Knable

Fair-Rite Products Corp.
Rachael Parker

Integrity Light Metals LLC
Philip Burton

Jardum LLC
Jared Tabb

Major League Electronics
Neil Coffman

Noreast Electronics Co. Ltd.
Raymond Poliquin

RCAL Products
Brandon Bannon

TWS Technology Limited
Gordon Holscher


ECCO (Electronic Connector Company)
Bernard Gizzi