Representor Summer 2021 - Welcome, New Members!

Welcome, New Members!

These companies joined ERA since April 2021.

Interested in becoming an ERA member? Contact ERA Membership Coordinator Ama Derringer at to learn more about the different ERA programs, resources and benefits, or visit


(The ERA chapter of each rep firm is listed in parentheses after the company name.)

Adapt Electronics
Gary Hilgeman
Pacific Northwest Chapter

Astrorep Inc. Envision Design Tech
Mike Acquafredda; Ken Ball
Metro New York Chapter

Atria Technologies Ltd.
Tom Davidson
International Chapter

Averill Engineering Group
Jim Averill
New England Chapter

Disman Bakner
Johnson Jew
Pacific Northwest Chapter

Electra Technical Sales
Dave Diedrich
Pacific Northwest Chapter

Innovation Sales Rocky Mountain
Chuck Negrelli
Rocky Mountain Chapter

Mechtronics Group Inc.
Kim Christian
Chesapeake Chapter

Meridian Marketing Inc.
Mike Eisenhauer
Rocky Mountain Chapter

P&C Next
Jeremey Cott; Patrick Powell
Heart of America Chapter


Carling Technologies Inc.
Jayra LaSalle

Gilbert Battistin

Concord Electronics
Bill Pick

IMS Connector Systems
Bryce Sonksen

Marathon Power Inc.
Rachelle Luster

Paul Miyoshi