Representor Summer 2022 - Marketing Group Digest

Summer 2022 – Marketing Group Digest


Troy Gunnin
Sun Rep Inc.
Tampa, Fla.

Be prepared

I remember as a Boy Scout the motto, “Be Prepared.” That is certainly true today. It seems that we have no idea what is coming at us next and when. It seems that COVID-19 just keeps re-inventing itself and refuses to go away. Then comes “monkey pox” and a spike in the regular old flu. And—as I write this the first tropical disturbance is threatening South Florida. Just a couple of days ago a very rare tornado touched down in our neighborhood. What next? Be prepared.

In the economic world, gas prices are at an all-time high (reminiscent of the gas lines of the 1970s.) Housing costs are insane. There are many unfilled job openings. Baby formula (and other) shortages. Wages rising rapidly, but not able to keep up with inflation. Add to that the Russian invasion of Ukraine that has caused unprecedented hardships and shortages around the world. Interest rates are going up and there is the very real possibility of a recession. What next? Be prepared.

In our world, we have experienced long deliveries, supply chain issues and transportation costs that don’t seem to have a top limit. Fuel costs will probably keep these issues in the forefront. Chip shortages have caused disruptions in manufacturing from autos to everyday items. There seems to be uncertainty about when it will end. I just read an article that suggest that there would be a surplus of chips by the end of this year, while another suggests that it will extend into late 2023. Who knows? Be prepared.

We survived the gas lines of the ‘70s. We now look at the very real costs of travel. As we do, we must plan well in our travel and use all means at our disposal to continue to perform efficiently. We will survive this one also. Who knows from where the next curve ball will come? So as best we can, like good Boy Scouts, let’s be prepared.