Representor Winter 2022 - Conference Update


A New Day, A New Way

Bryan White, CPMR
Catalyst Unity Solutions
2022 Conference Committee Chair

by Bryan White, CPMR

Welcome to the “new day” and with this new day, we need to discover the “new ways” to become even more successful. The 2022 ERA Conference is fast approaching. This will be our first chance in two years to gather as an industry at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, Texas from February 27 to March 1. I believe this year’s conference will be one to remember.

The conference committee selected the theme “A New Day, A New Way” because of these changes. The way we sell to our customers, the way we manage a team and the way we hire, retain and motivate employees have all changed. The 2022 ERA Conference is focused on providing the new ways to adopt these and become more successful.

You can expect the same great content, great best practices discussions, great takeaways and great networking.

Starting in May 2021, more than 55 volunteers from manufacturer’s representatives, manufacturers and distributors have been focused on putting together a program that will maximize your return on investment. This team has donated their time, energy, passion and knowledge to ensure that every session will give you new ways to approach this new day. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to the ERA and the success of this conference.

Keynote Speaker Seth Mattison will start off the conference and discuss ways to position your organization for the future while creating a culture that will compete for years to come.

We are returning to four general sessions this year. Starting us off will be Bernard Baumohl, returning to discuss “The Great Transition.” I know I am interested to see how his predictions of 2020 compare to what happened. To continue our discussion on new ways, Jason Dorsey will give us some key points on how to bridge those generational gaps to help us move into a successful future. Crystal Kadakia will update us on what the future of the digital workplace will look like. This session will be packed with takeaways for our business but also how to be successful at our customers’ workplaces. I am incredibly pleased to announce that Michael Knight will be closing the 2022 ERA Conference.

I have always found that the keynote and general sessions provide very high-level strategic takeaways, but the real benefit of the conference comes from the breakout sessions and the list of tactical takeaways and action items. This conference will have 15 different sessions available to attend. Topics range from succession planning, expanding and improving the rep model, attracting and retaining employees and rejuvenating the relationships with our partners. I’m going to find it exceedingly difficult to narrow down my breakout selections.

I am a little biased towards this one, but I feel that the 2022 ERA conference will be a most memorable one. I have been amazed by the dedication of the volunteers and overwhelmed by the support of over 130 sponsors this year. We cannot produce a quality conference without these sponsors and volunteers. Thank you.

Personally, I am counting the days until February 27. The idea of walking the conference center halls, shaking hands, fist bumping or hugging old friends and business associates, meeting new friends at the opening cocktail reception and conference party is just exciting. Adding to this, I will be learning new ways and best practices to make my company, team and partners more successful.

Can you afford not to attend?