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> ERA Quick Connections: June 2023, Vol. 2

June 2023, Volume 2


Our base point of January 2021 saw the COVID-19 pandemic beginning to lose steam, resulting in a significant rebound in POS activity. Due to the strong growth in 2022, there is the good probability that we will see a slowdown of POS activity in 2023. Outside influences will also affect 2023, including supply chain issues and inflation.

April 2023 dipped significantly from March and was the lowest POS month since December 2021. April was down 30 percent when compared to March 2023. It is a normal trend to be down from March, but not this significantly. Comparing the last two years of POS activity, April was down 8 percent in 2021 and 19 percent in 2022 when comparing to March numbers, so the 30 percent decrease this year represents a much bigger dip in POS. Indications continue to point to a slowing down of sales activity while at the same time, distributor inventories continue to swell.

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> More than 80 percent of new supply chain management technology applications will use AI and data science in some way by 2025. Read more.

> A new report from Market Research says the automotive chip market may nearly double in size by 2030. Read more.

> The authors of Culture Shock, a book about the new workplace environment, discuss how managers and employees can reconnect and get re-energized. Read more.


> If you did not attend ERA Virtual Sales Training (now called STEP — Sales Training for Electronics Professionals — in 2021 or 2022, past training recordings are now archived and available for purchase HERE. These are great for new employees or a refresher for your current team! Save the date for live, virtual STEP training, which will take place Oct. 17-19.

> A new ERA LIVE session with Sam Richter has been announced for Thursday, July 6 at 4 PM ET and will feature a demonstration of the new ERA tool. Mark your calendars! Anyone in the electronics industry is welcome to attend. There is no registration required. View more information on ERA and register today.

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