ERA Survey Service

Here’s how this new service works.ERA’s survey coordinator, Tess Hill, will help you develop, edit and finalize an on-line survey questionnaire. (Many question and answer formats are available, so your survey can be customized to your specific needs.)When the survey is ready to launch, you will be e-mailed a Web link which you can then transmit (via e-mail, letter or fax) to your targeted respondents with your personal invitation to participate. Your survey responses will be monitored over the time period you select, and you will receive a summary report of the results.

IT’S THAT EASY! – BOTTOM LINE: You can now conduct effective electronic surveys – with expert help from ERA – all at a fraction of the cost of a survey service subscription alone (which typically costs $600 per year). And … your cost is based only on the number of questions in each survey. So once a survey is created, you can send it to as many people as you choose, at no added cost. The fee for each survey, payable by check or credit card, is:

  • $200 for 1-5 questions
  • $300 for 6-10 questions
  • $400 for 11-15 questions
  • $40 per question for 16 or more

There are so many options available through this new service from ERA that they cannot all be listed here. For all the details, contact Tess Hill (at 630-545-9101 or