Industry Dictionary - Coax Cable Terminology

This is a summary of designations that you may see on Coax cable. Keep in mind that there are several major cable manufacturers and each may choose its own naming schemes for consumer-grade cables.

Terms are listed alphabetically:

  • 11 (##)

    2-digit number specifies percentage of braided shield coverage

  • A

    Generally meaningless.

  • B

    Bonded foil

  • CL2, CL3

    Class 2, Class 3

  • CL2X, CL3X

    The lowest fire-rated cables and must comply with UL VW-1 Vertical-Speciman Flame Test remote-control, signaling and power-limited cables.

  • CM

    Communications use: communications network and telecommunications cabling.

  • CMH, FT1

    CSA Flame Test FT-1coax

  • CMH, FT4

    CSA Flame Test FT-4

  • E

    Polyethylene jacket

  • F, APD

    Flooded underground cables, Amorphous polypropylene drop.

  • FPL

    Power-limited fire protective signaling cables

  • M, S

    Messengered/serial/overhead cables used to hang drop from the house to the street.

  • MP

    Multipurpose cable

  • P

    Plenum cables

  • PLTC

    Power-limited tray cable

  • R

    Riser cables

  • SS, Super, QS

    Quad shielding

  • TS


  • U

    Utility/general use cables to be used outdoors, indoors where protected but not in an air plenum.

  • V, PVC

    Polyvinylchloride jacket