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> Semiconductor Industry Is Booming

Source: Electronics Representatives Association, The Representor, Fall 2017

The semiconductor industry just experienced one of its best second quarters in revenue growth, driven by the memory device market, says a recent report by EPS News, and the DRAM market, in particular, is expected to reach record levels in 2017. The semiconductor industry posted 6.1 percent growth compared to the first quarter, reaching near record growth in the second quarter of 2017, according to the market research firm IHS Markit. “This is the highest growth the industry has seen in the second quarter since 2014,” states IHS. Over the past few months, market analysts have increased their overall semiconductor growth forecasts due to continued tight supply and higher tags in the memory market. IC Insights expects the DRAM market to be the fastest-growing IC segment in 2017, increasing by 55 percent this year.


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