Stacey Hanke Selected as Keynote Speaker at 2024 ERA Conference

For release on: November 21, 2023
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Stacey Hanke Selected as Keynote Speaker at 2024 ERA Conference

Stacey Hanke

The Electronics Representatives Association (ERA) is pleased to announce that Stacey Hanke, best-selling author, communications and influence strategist and Hall of Fame speaker, will be the keynote speaker at the 2024 ERA Conference, taking place Feb. 25-27 at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, Texas.

Hanke will open the 2024 Conference program on Monday morning, Feb. 26, with her presentation, “Build Trust and Connection to Create Influence Monday To Monday®.”

Hanke is the CEO of a consulting and training company where she mentors leaders who are looking to wield influence and excel in their career, as well as sales professionals who want their message to better resonate with clients.

Hanke has acted as a corporate trainer to several Fortune 500 companies, training on every possible topic from motivation to customer service to leadership. She has traveled internationally, researching the difference between a leader who is influential versus a leader who’s simply a good communicator.

An inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, she has been a featured guest in The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive, SmartMoney Magazine, The Economist and Business Week. Her client list includes FedEx, McDonalds, Google, Kraft Heinz, Nationwide, American Express, Discover and Oracle.

In Hanke’s engaging and fun keynote Conference session, she will share how connection and consistency are critical to communicating with influence and impact. Connection is about creating a meaningful experience for your listener to influence them to take action. Consistency creates a reliable personal brand, allowing customers to trust that you will show up for them the same way, “Monday to Monday.”

Conference chair Adam Anderson, CPMR, vice president of Norris & Associates, Inc., and Conference co-chair Jeff May, president of Logix Sales & Marketing, commented on the keynote speaker selection.

“In step with this year’s Conference theme of energizing the customer experience, Hanke’s session will inspire attendees to focus on connection and consistency, which will build authenticity and trust with our customers,” said May.

“We feel this actionable keynote session will give Conference attendees immediate structure to put a plan into place to better communicate with, connect with and influence customers,” said Anderson. “As a CEO, best-selling author, corporate trainer and Hall of Fame speaker, we are thrilled to have Hanke share her inspiration with attendees.”

“I am very excited for keynote speaker this year, Stacey Hanke,” said Julie Carr, MacInnis Group, co-chair of the Conference Keynote and General Sessions committee. “Her infectious energy and tangible takeaways on enhancing our customer experiences should equip our audience with valuable insight and needed skills to elevate communication and leave a lasting impact on our customers.”

ERA thanks the entire 2024 ERA Conference Keynote/General Sessions subcommittee for their time and dedication in reviewing keynote candidates and making a selection.

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