Representor Spring 2022 - Welcome, New Members!

Welcome, New Members!

These companies joined ERA since January 2022.

Interested in becoming an ERA member? Contact ERA Membership Coordinator Ama Derringer at to learn more about the different ERA programs, resources and benefits, or visit


(The ERA chapter of each rep firm is listed below the contact name.)

English Damco Sales Co., Inc.
Rick Masterson
Rocky Mountain Chapter 

Image Associates
Tim Wolfe, CPMR
Southern California Chapter 

Interstate Marketing Assocs.
Ed McSweeney
Southern California Chapter 

Selmark Assocs.
Michael Wakefield
New England Chapter 

Westrep CA
Leslie English
Southern California Chapter


Durakool/AEC Sensors
Chad Snelson

Chris Holland

Kimchuk Inc.
Ken Maduri 

Knight Electronics
David Bennington 

Jason Steiner 

Panjit Americas, Inc.
Valerie Volmar 

Polyrock North America
Bryan Roberti 

James Christian